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With the rising popularity of high deductible health plans, higher copays and employees having to obtain their own insurance, more and more of the cost is shifting to the patient. Many patients are choosing to pay for their care out of pocket. Often in this situation, patients either don’t have the time or the background to really understand what cost of the services provided to them by their physician. The result is a patient is forced to pay a higher price for services than necessary.

Consumer Medical Bill Solution (CMBS) is here to help you with reducing your medical bills and healthcare expense. CMBS leverages several data factors including our proprietary usual and customary data to determine a fair price for services that were rendered and negotiate on your behalf. We can assist in negotiating an equitable settlement after services have been rendered. We have a unique experience in disrupting the healthcare industry. For the past 12 years our out of network claims negotiation experts have been aggressively obtaining deep discounts from health care providers for out of network claims.

Every single one of our negotiators at CMBS started out negotiating out of network claims for health plans, third party administrators and union benefit funds. This has enabled our staff to develop relationships with numerous providers and facilities across the country that will assist in rapidly resolving your bill.

What separates us from the rest?

  • Experience – Our team of negotiators have over 12 years of experience negotiating settlements with healthcare providers. Our negotiators are Certified Professional Coders (CPC) and understand how to communicate with your physician to obtain a reasonable reimbursement.
  • Flexibility – Every negotiation is different, so we are able to work out a settlement that fits all budgets whether it be one lump sum payment or a fixed monthly payment over 6 – 24 months.
  • Our Process – Every bill is analyzed using our proprietary bill review software to compare what your provider is charging you to several benchmarks. These benchmarks include Medicare reimbursement, billing code edits, Usual and Customary reimbursements as well as the average of what providers are charging within a specific geographic region for a specific treatment or service.
  • Risk Free – There is no risk to you to allow us to try to negotiate your bill. If there is a situation where we are unable to successfully negotiate your bill, then there is no fee for services.
  • Timeliness – We can typically settle your bill within 3-7 business days, contingent on the responsiveness of your provider.

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