The Reason We Do It

When it comes down to it, we know that you want to know the “why” behind any company that
you choose for services. Why do they provide this service? What made them start their business?
How do they do provide services? Not only are these all great questions, they are also important
questions that you deserve answers to! At Consumer Medical Bill Solutions, we pride ourselves
on what we do and the reasons behind what we do are important to us. Our team is dedicated to
our customers and we lead by the example set by our fearless and impassioned leader, Dr. Gerard

We took a moment to ask him some of your questions, here is his response:

Why did you start Consumer Medical Bill Solutions?
Well, that answer is simple, because of you! As an Orthopedic surgeon and a business owner, I
have experienced firsthand billing mishaps and, more importantly, I have listened to many of my
patients express their frustrations with the cost of medical care. My patients have sought
guidance from me countless times on how to navigate their healthcare and, more often than not,
they are not sure where to turn to next. Most patients do not even know they could negotiate their
bills. Consumer Medical Bill Solutions was a way to helping people by offering advocacy and
negotiation support to those who needed or wanted help.
Aside from paying the bill, most consumers are unaware of the rights they have to negotiate a
medical bill and rarely do they understand the processes involved. Our team is dedicated to help
you reach a settlement with your provider that you feel is fair and reasonable for the medical care

How does your process work?
That is a great question! The process is simple, with a signed HIPAA release and a copy of the
medical bill, our negotiators will aggressively negotiate a discount on the patient’s account
balance, as well as eliminate the risk of any balance billing (surprise billing) from your provider
or additional collection efforts.
Once our team is in receipt of your HIPAA release and medical bill, they will begin negotiations
with your provider, considering a fair settlement amount for the services provided and your
unique situation. Upon agreement with you and your provider on a fair settlement, we will work
with you to coordinate payment. The entire process typically takes 3-7 business days, depending
on the responsiveness of your provider. We provide you a final summary of the negotiation
settlement and payment terms upon completion.

Is this something I can do on my own?
Although some providers are willing to negotiate directly with you to reach a settlement amount
on your outstanding medical bill, the benefit of our support is that our team is experienced in the
process of bill negotiation and knowledgeable of medical billing practices. We have resources
available to us to help us determine a fair and equitable rate for the medical services that you
received in comparison to what the provider billed. We take into account many factors,
including billing rates that are unique to your situation and location. In addition, the terms of our agreement with your provider include the elimination of any further collections or balance billing of the services we negotiate.

How does your team know what to do?
Experience. Our negotiators understand how to communicate with your physician to obtain a
reasonable reimbursement. Every single one of our negotiators started out negotiating out-of-
network claims for health plans, third-party administrators, and union benefit funds. This has
enabled our staff to develop relationships with numerous providers and facilities across the
country that will assist in rapidly resolving your bill.

Through our process, each bill analyzed with our proprietary bill review software to compare
what your provider is charging you to several benchmarks. These benchmarks include Medicare
reimbursement, billing code edits, Usual and Customary reimbursements as well as the average
of what providers are charging within a specific geographic region for a specific treatment or

“Save Money in 3 Easy Steps” It cannot be that easy!
It is! Our team has worked hard to make our process as simple and easy to navigate as possible.
Check it out for yourself!
1 – Get Started
Fill out our Contact form and provide us your contact information. A member of the
Customer Service Team at CMBS will be in touch with you to begin the process.

2 – Evaluation of Medical Bill
Complete and sign a HIPAA release form and send us a copy of the most recent medical
bill along with any additional documentation received from the health plan (or collections
agency) regarding the medical care.

3 – Medical Bill Settlement
Once the provider has agreed to reimbursement amount, we will present you with a
settlement offer for approval. We can typically settle your bill within 3-7 business days.

What kind of bills do you negotiate?
We will negotiate any medical bill for you or your family regardless of how large or small the
balance due. If you have health insurance, you will want to make sure that you have submitted
the claim to them for processing first. Once you know what coverage your insurance carrier
provides, then you can submit any remaining balance to us for negotiation.

I want to thank you for your questions and I want you to trust that when you choose to work with
Consumer Medical Bill Solutions it is much more than just a business to us. Your story is
important to us, you are important to us. We want to help you and we will treat your situation
with care and compassion.

Our team will take the time to help identify your individual needs and we will never treat you
like a business; this is personal to us too. Let us be your advocate and let us help you save money
on your medical costs. No matter your questions, our team is just a call away. When you choose
to work with us you are more than just a customer; you are family!