NEW PRODUCT – Medical Bill Analysis

Do you have medical debt? YOU can lower your medical bills with just a few simple steps!

Healthcare is expensive and for many can be burdensome when there is no extra money in the budget for health related expenses or there is no insurance coverage to help alleviate a portion of the overall cost. 

When you have health insurance, your insurance plan pays providers according to the benefit coverage, which may include a contracted rate if the provider is in the network utilized by the insurance plan.  However if the provider is out of network or the benefit is limited under your insurance plan, there is no protection for members being balanced billed for these limited benefit or non-covered services.  You could find yourself responsible for copays, deductibles, and coinsurance but also be balance billed for the amount in excess of what the insurance plan covers.  If a patient does not have insurance, then they will find themselves responsible for the entire cost of the medical bill.

We cannot control how your provider bills you but we can offer you the help you need to lower your medical bills.

Many patients are not aware that they can negotiate their medical bills over he phone. When provided the necessary data elements and tips on asking the right questions, you would be surprised at the results obtained reducing your medical bill. 

A quick review of your itemized medical bill can identify if the provider billed for services in error, unbundled or up coded services based on standard billing practices, or duplicated any charges. 

Understanding if your state has any balance billing laws will help you to outline how you discuss your medical bill and negotiation.  Many states have passed legislation to support you with balance billing of services.  You will want to make sure you have this knowledge when reviewing your medical bills.  

Discuss with your provider a reduction in charges or financial assistance.  If you are uninsured or your plan does not cover services, you will want to know the fair market price for the care received.  Providers regularly accept this amount from insurance companies as payment in full.  When approached to negotiate claims, many providers are willing to work with you to provide support with payment of medical services.

If you are interested in negotiating your own medical bill, then we can help!

Introducing Medical Bill Analysis by Consumer Medical Bill Solutions. Medical Bill Analysis offers you the information that you need to understand your medical bill. More importantly, our analysis of your provider’s charges will identify for you whether or not you received a fair price for the services you received.

Our service arms you with the tools necessary to negotiate your medical bill directly with your provider. Not every medical bill is egregious but, when they are, we can provide you with the education and information you need to discuss the charges with your provider and potentially lower your medical bill. 

If you have a medical bill that you believe exceeds what is fair, then contact our team today for a Medical Bill Analysis and the confidence you need to negotiate your medical bill!