Budgeting for Summer Fun!

The summer months are finally here and we can all benefit from time with family and friends! From quick day trips to weeklong vacations, we hope you get the most out of your time together and make this the most memorable summer yet! Travel and adventures cost money, and it can seem impossible to fit those leisurely expenses into our budgets, especially if you are also experiencing unexpected debt caused by healthcare treatment. Let us help you reduce your medical bills so you can budget for summer fun!

Watch Hotel and Lodging Deals: If your travel plans include lodging, be sure to watch the prices! While most summer weeks and weekends tend to be more expensive, booking early and paying attention to deals and offers can help save some extra dollars for your vacation. Always evaluate your options for lodging with hotels vs. home and condominium rentals through multiple service companies. 

Pack Ahead: No matter the length of your trip,pack ahead! When you make your checklist of travel essentials (clothes, bathing suit, sunscreen, etc.) do not forget snacks and meals. Packing food in a durable cooler will help curb everyone’s appetite, especially for long car rides. Often times the costs for groceries in a vacation destination can cost more than your local grocery store or buying in bulk. Eating out for every meal can quickly eat up your vacation budget!  Planning for packed picnic lunches and meals within your lodging allows you to stretch your funds.  This type of planning also puts more emphasis on a nice dinner out where the staff caters to you. 

Pay Attention to Your Budget Year-round: Budgeting for vacation expenses can be relatively easy, especially when you begin planning early on. It is much easier to set aside smaller amounts of money ahead of time; then it is to come up with the money for your vacation budget last minute. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your budget year-round to spread out the expense of travel. Bills pop up! Planning for unexpected expenses can wipe out any savings plans you have, whether for vacation, home improvements, or even retirement. These unexpected bills include healthcare costs.

That is where our team can help. As your medical bill advocates, we can combat those medical bills that might be holding you back, so you can spend your hard earned money on the things you and your family enjoy! Our team will work directly with your medical care provider to reduce your medical bills. 

Summers should be full of fun times and creating unforgettable memories. Do not let outstanding medical debt get in the way of the things that matter most in life. We can help!  Connect with our team and experience how easy it can be to start saving money today! Call (833) 765-2627 or visit us online today!